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Providing improvements in the conditions of the driving population remains the topmost priority of today’s national policy makers, who aim to reduce the accident and traffic violations and work towards offering an up to date vehicle registration system. With millions of drivers on the roadways, the management of driving privileges, traffic violations, fine issuance, license revocation and identifying ownership of vehicles in most of the nations is a complex and disorganized system.

Offering the strongest security measures available the smart Transport Management System provides a fraud-resistant solution to these challenges. Fine issuance and management is automated and facilitated by the smart driver license and smart vehicle registration through the secure electronic storage and transfer of data. Our system addresses these issues by securely identifying cardholders, managing data directly on the card and providing accurate, up-to-date information in both on- and off-line mode.

Constraints of the present day system

  • • In absence of a reliable system to check the individual’s driving history during the usual traffic stops, the authorities are not able to identify unauthorized drivers, repeat offenders.
  • • The traditional manual method provides only limited information with high operating costs.
  • • The widespread use of insecure paper cards leads to proliferation of fraudulent licenses and registrations.
  • • Vehicle related crime and ownership disputes arise due to the inability of the officials to establish and prove the ownership of vehicles.
  • • Government is unable to keep a check on the type and number of vehicles already circulating as well as the new vehicles being produced in the country.
  • • Traditional, paper based driving license and vehicle registration cards provide little security, as they are easily reproduced and subject to fraud.

Features of the system

  • The card's ability to directly manage data on the chip allows the storage of a driver's profile, including his photograph, signature and thumb impression, directly on the card - enabling authorities to securely identify and provide accurate, up-to-date information on the driver's history in on- or off-line mode, at any place, anytime.
  • The unique card serial number, protected area and cryptography that authenticate the card at each use and ensure the integrity of the data contained in it.
  • Authorities can write new offenses to the card, issue fines and even revoke licenses on the spot thus saving on time and effort.
  • The smart driver license encourages driver responsibility while providing the strong accountability necessary for drivers to follow through on fine payment and improve their driving habits.
  • A smart driver license solution also enables governments to enjoy the security of knowing that the fines issued will be paid without the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of paper-based administration.
  • Fine issuance and management is automated and facilitated by the smart transport management system through the secure electronic transfer of data.
  • The smart card's chip enables it to securely communicate and share information among the various related agencies.
  • The smart vehicle registration card documents vital events during the vehicle's life cycle, such as the transfer of ownership or mandatory service requirements, and effectively communicates all changes the government's centralized database.
  • Storing both permanent and variable data on the card's chip, the card remains with the vehicle from creation to destruction and can only be updated by authorized program administrators.
  • The system enables governments to effectively reduce the occurrence of illegal vehicle activity and monitor the activity of vehicles in circulation, production and destruction.
  • It also empowers governments to automate and consolidate vehicle registration information, easily collect registration fees and to follow up on mandatory vehicle service requirements, such as pollution tests.
  • Most importantly, the X-smart transport management system allows governments to provide vehicle owners with a secure proof of ownership card as well as the peace of mind that goes with knowing their vehicle investments are safe.

Added unique features that we have incorporated into the system include:


Integrated Voice Recognition System is an attribute used for establishing the authentication of the cardholder anytime, anywhere. This distinct quality of our system allows the user to have access to up to date license and registration information even when on the move without restricting the details contained in the card to the confines of the office.

WAP compatibility

Providing end-to-end WAP connectivity integrated to our system enables the user to just dial-in to the RTO office and get all the relevant details regarding a particular vehicle or the personal information of the cardholder on a mobile device. This ensures a high performance platform intended to deliver constant flow of information to the users.

Benefits of the System

Supplies car owners with fraud-resistant, secured proof of ownership cards

• Reliably identifies and tracks the sale of new and used cars, as the card can only be updated by authorities

• Reduces vehicle theft and illegal vehicle importation

• Ensures collection of registration fees

• Database automatically identifies dummy registrants and licensees.

• Ensures mandatory service programs are followed, such as smog checks and auto insurance

• Establishes a secured used vehicle market, as officially identified cars can be sold without repercussions

• Since the thumb impression of each of the individual is unique, the security of the data contained in the system is maintained.

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