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As modern societies move toward generalized healthcare coverage and more governments enact laws to protect individual data privacy, the management of information concerning patients' coverage and medical history becomes increasingly complex. In addition, the mobile nature of today's healthcare administration requires immediate information access and total flexibility. Smart card technology comes through as the optimal portable solution for information access, management and improved communication among the various professionals involved in the administration of healthcare, while providing the strongest security measures in the market today.

By allowing all participants in the healthcare system to access only the data that they need, smart card solutions enable streamlined inter-organization communication without compromising personal privacy. The simplification of processes and improved identification, storage of information and communication resulting from the use of smart card solutions leads to the achievement of the healthcare industry's eternal objective: reduced administrative costs and improved quality of care.

As one of the pioneer smart healthcare solution provider, Gallops has developed and implemented smart card solutions for patient management system and hospital employee management. Whether implementing one of these solutions independently or together in the same scheme,Gallopscan customize a solution to customer specific needs. With its wide range of application knowledge and experience in the healthcare solution arena,Gallops has the expertise to make any smart card solution a success.

We have developed an Integrated Patient Management System, which works in co-ordination with the management information system and specialized diagnostic subsystems, which includes the laboratory systems. The system is suitable for the computerization of patient data and facilitates the organization with the reduction of administrative workload. In order to streamline the variety of requirements, the system is divided into different modules, which makes the system highly flexible. The system is a very powerful tool for patient management, pathology reporting, attendance / payroll and accounting. The data from various modules flows seamlessly into each other and all the final reports of the hospital are produced effortlessly.

Our system offers the option of integrating smart cards, as per the need expressed by our client. Without proper security measures, the electronic storage and transmission of such sensitive information can result in its unauthorized interception, manipulation or receipt by unintended individuals - often with irreparable damage to the reputation of the administration and the concerned individuals alike. Smart card is an evolution in the healthcare administration, which increasingly moves from the physical to the electronic world; it even bears the responsibility of ensuring the confidentiality of individual patient information in all electronic communications.

Thus our system deals with all hospital processes via support from an electronic patient file system, from the administration of patients through electronic requests for tests and provision of results, to scheduling and statistical functions.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • • Faster admissions procedures

  • • On and off-line availability of current patient information

  • • Significant reduction in paperwork

  • • Eliminates repetitive administrative tasks and redundant files

  • • Liberates healthcare professionals to focus entirely on providing care

  • • Significantly faster and more reliable reimbursement

  • • Compliance with data privacy and confidentiality legislation

  • • Reduced costs and resource requirements

  • • Reduced fraud

  • • Improved patient satisfaction and loyalty

Benefits for Patients

  • • Significantly faster and more reliable reimbursement

  • • Elimination of redundant paperwork

  • • Better informed healthcare professionals, reducing the risk of errors based on misinformation

  • • Ability to carry vital information with you at all times

  • • Protection of highly sensitive personal information

  • • Inclusion of benefit details for the dependants of the cardholders

  • • Better health services

Benefits for Insurers

  • • Better business processes through automated information flows

  • • Improved data management and consolidation, management of client base and revocation lists

  • • Increased quantity and quality of information gathered, enabling better cost and risk analyses.

  • • Better communication with participating healthcare providers and facilities

  • • Reduced administrative tasks, redundant procedures and errors related to manual processes

  • • Reduced operating costs

  • • Reduced fraud

  • • Compliance with data privacy and confidentiality legislation

  • • Improved patient satisfaction and loyalty
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