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Asset & Inventory Management System

In any service industry, maintaining an accurate inventory of innumerable amount of asset elements is the key to keeping up with customer orders and delivering products quickly and consistently. The general distribution industry has always had to cope with shortcomings in product identification processes. Historically, the inventory system has relied on manually fed or labor-intensive spreadsheets to track utilization of assets. This manner of inventory control not only is tedious, it's highly inaccurate; mistakes are made in data entry, and changes are not always reported immediately or reported at all. Consequently, decisions and tracking of items is often based on obsolete information that is not synchronized. This leads to stranded assets, increased order rework, and ultimately customer dissatisfaction due to slow, unpredictable service delivery.

AIMS (Asset and Inventory Management System) – is an automated inventory management system for all shipping, receiving and materials handling. Items are on a locator system for quick, accurate retrieval and storage. Allocations and deductions are made in real-time. Complete transaction management and ease of use assure the highest level of inventory accuracy - from receipt to issue, and transfers, to adjustments, cycle counts, and full physical inventories in between. Combine this with warehouse zoning, flexible Min/Max maintenance, and location categorization for product separation based upon order status or inspection condition. A complete audit trail of every stock movement is maintained for tacking and performance reporting.


• Store all the information that is needed on inventory availability, costs, etc.

• Define levels of classifying or grouping of inventory database.

• Search by Item Number, Description, Type, Class, Code, Location

• Maintain Min-Max levels for re-order or over-stock prompting.

• Identify non-inventory and obsolete items.

• Store and transfer items between an un-limited numbers of locations that is user-defined.

• Track multiple Serial numbers, Batches and Lots for items.

• Transaction screen allows recording of items Received, Shipped, Transferred, Scrapped, Lost, Found, etc. A Historical Log maintains a permanent history of all inventory activity.

• Export and Import data routines

• Reports have profiling, sort and preview features.

• Item Location Maintenance

• Item Replenishment Processing

• On-Line Inventory Inquiry

• On-Demand/Periodic Inventory Reporting

• Complete on demand Ad Hoc Reporting Capabilities

• Flexible Bills of Materials with date/effect/activation

• Be Alerted of Re-Order needs, Materials Shortage, Vendor Lists, Due Dates, Cost Changes, etc.

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