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Club Management System

The Gallops Club Management System is a comprehensive, reliable, affordable, integrated solution developed for a club of any size. We have designed a system to specifically manage all vital areas related to a club's success: Membership Management, Employee Management, Facility and Transaction Management.

The ECM system contains proven technology innovations that continue to be feature-rich, functional, easy to use, and programmed with future ease of support in mind, provides the resources for control over club files and general activities. This valuable tool maintains membership database, statements, reporting and inquiries. It cuts down on administrative time and cost, safeguard from error, and saves a substantial amount of money that can be higher by manual system. It is a complete and a cost effective solution for the club and its members.

The Club card is a chip embedded ID card as well as credit card. The chip will contain the member/employee data, and will also be used for tracking the records of various facilities and activities used by the members.

The ECM system starts its operation right from the entry of the member in the premises. When the member swipes his card for the utilization of various facilities and services like Table tennis, Billiards, Badminton, Swimming, Restaurant, etc. , the software will make a record of all transactions made. Member’s data and transactions data are stored on the card or sent to the local and central database.

Salient Features of the system

  • High end security

 •  Easy access to different activities

 •  High-tech application

 •  User friendly

 • Read-write facility

 • Secure credit/debit transactions

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