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Security has become prime concern at all major buildings in India. Especially security and access of individual at buildings with maintenance of automated log is the solution. Every individual without any human intervention is tagged with his access rights to through the various doors of the building and a complete automatic log to his access detail with date / time is maintained at the server.

The backend software controls the various hardware like controller, door locks in a synchronized manner for a fast and efficient locking / unlocking mechanism with data capture at multiple points simultaneously. The software further provides option for on screen viewing of reports, search and deny access options to individual by administration. Network enabled software provides viewing of reports at multiple nodes at the same time within the network even at remote location.


All individual of the building are registered in BIOMETRIC ACCESS CONTROL TERMINAL for secure access.

The doors will be fitted with automatic door locks and BACT on finger scan, the terminal will automatically verify the authenticity of the individual and check whether he/she has the access through this door or not. On correct verification of his access rights the door will automatically unlatch and the individual will be granted access. Incase of unauthorized access the door lock will not unlatch, hence denying access. The total above process is logged by the computer automatically and reports can be generated online and also verified for a particular period incase of any breach in the security.

The above-mentioned system is a vital tool to help in maintaining security at buildings and is widely used internationally.

System review

The BACT is with built in controller. It manages multiple access control terminal installed at various doors in an organization. the low cost ,small, attractively packaged front end readers are connected to the controller in star connection. It provides fields configurable intelligent engine for taking care of any organization s access control requirement. The terminals can be configured using a front end software, all the access decisions are taken by the terminal making it truly a standalone system independent of PC. It can be used in Online mode for larger PC controlled building management system. Multiple terminals can be networked suitable hardware for larger application.

What is Biometrics?

Biometric technologies are defined as automated methods of identifying or authenticating the identity of a living person based on unique physiological or behavioral characteristic. Biometric can provide very secure and convenient authentication for an individual sine they cannot be stolen or forgotten and are very difficult to forge.

  • • A physiological characteristic is a relatively stable physical characteristics .such as an individual s fingerprint hand geometry, iris pattern or blood vessel pattern on the back of the eye. This type of biometric measurement is usually unchanging an unalterable without significant duress to the individual.
  • • A behavioral characteristic is more a reflection of an individual’s psychological makeup.

A signature is the most common behavioral biometric used for identification. Because most behavioral characteristics vary over time, an identification system using these must allow updates to enrolled biometric references.


Three major components are usually present in a biometric system.

  • 1. A mechanism to scan and capture a digital or analog image of a living persons biometric characteristic.
  • 2. Software for storing , processing and comparing the image.
  • 3. An interface with the applications system that will use the result to confirm an individual’s identity.

Two different stages are involved in the biometric system process- enrollment and verification.


The biometric image of the individual is captured during the enrollment process (e.g using a sensor for finger print scanner, microphone for voice verification , camera for face recognition , scanner for eye san) The unique characteristics are then extracted form the biometric image to create the biometric template. This biometric template is stored in a database or on a machine readable ID card for later use during an identity verification

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